HP printers are known for their stellar performance. However, people who have purchased the printer of this brand for the first time may get confused about how to set it up. It’s common to find them struggling with linking their computer with their wireless printer. You can effectively carry out this whole process through the 123.hp/setup website. On this page, you will find well-updated information about different kinds of HP printers and their drivers, along with troubleshooting assistance. By using the site and the instructions in this article, you’ll benefit from a successful setup process. It will help you understand the different stages of the printer setup, driver download, and installation. Thus, you will become ready to start using your printer efficiently.

Setup Your Printer through 123.hp.com/setup

To set up your HP printer correctly, you need proper guidance. That’s why, we recommend you visit 123 hp.com/setup, where you can enter your printer name and find all the necessary information about setup, driver download, and installation. The process of setup the printer can be divided into the sections below.

1. Prepare your printer for the setup.

Start by taking out your brand new printer from its box. After that, follow these simple instructions.

  • Place your printer on a flat surface. Remove the packing materials.
  • You will find a user manual, USB cable, power cord, and a CD-installation driver in the package. There will also be ink cartridges in it.
  • After removing the tape and packing material, pull out the output and input tray.
  • Next, open the tray and remove the tapes on the width and longitudinal markers.
  • Extend the sheet to its maximum capacity. Load the white paper bundle into the input tray.
  • Now drag the longitudinal markers so that the papers are tight. Now close the tray.

2. Align the printer cartridges 

Aligning ink cartridges is necessary for a 123 hp printer setup as, without it, your hp printer won’t print properly. Follow these pointers for aligning cartridges.

  • Take off the protective plate on the scanner’s glass.
  • Clean the glass.
  • Make sure to place the document on the scanner’s faces as per the markings on the alignment.
  • Hit ‘OK‘ and wait till the printer aligns.

3. Establish printer connection 

You can set up a connection via a USB cable or a wireless connection. Both these setups are explained below.

 1. Connection setup via USB cable

  • USB cable ports are utilized to plug in the USB cable in your network router or computer.
  • Insert the USB cable’s ports in your printing device and your system.
  • Now, adhere to the guidelines on your screen to install the printer driver software.

2. Connection setup via wireless connection

  • Begin by touching the wireless button on your printer’s screen.
  • When you see the blue light, hit ‘Settings‘ on the printer’s screen.
  • Now, choose the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard option. Then, select ‘Yes.’
  • Go through the guidelines you see on the screen.
  • The HP printing machine will start detecting the available router networks.
  • From the list, choose your router and input the network password to connect.
  • Adhere to the prompts on your screen and confirm the wireless connection.

4. Install cartridges of HP printer

Many HP printers run on dual ink cartridges. You will find the ink cartridge in the package along with other things like a USB cable, power cable, user manual, and CD driver.

  • To install the ink cartridge, remove the tap under it.
  • Next, position the ink cartridges in the slots provided for them.
  • Lastly, lock it properly in the latch position.

How to Use 123.hp.com/setup to Install HP Printer

Now that you are all done with the setup process, it’s time to install your printer. You do it by downloading drivers from the 123.hp.com.setup page. Given below are the instructions to install HP printers for Windows, Mac, and mobile phones.

1. Windows 

Switch on your printer to start installing your HP printer on your Windows OS. After that, follow these instructions.

  • Connect the printer with the router.
  • Next, head over to 123 hp.com/setup.
  • Once there, download the driver for your specific printer model.
  • After the download ends, navigate to the folder where you have saved it.
  • Double-tap the driver and go by the prompts on your screen to set them up on your system.
  • Then head over to ‘Control Panel‘ and tap ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • In the next window, click ‘Add Printer.’
  • After picking this option, you will see a tab appearing. It is for you to choose your printing device.
  • When you choose it, tap ‘Next‘ to proceed.
  • Wait for some time for your HP printer to connect to your computer.
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully installed your printer on your Windows operating system by using 123.hp.setup. Now you can try printing a document.

2. Mac 

Like Windows, the process of installing the HP printer drivers on Mac through 123 hp.com/setup is also simple. Turn on your printer model and adhere to these prompts.

  • Link your printer with the router.
  • Now use the 123.hp.com/setup website page to download the drivers.
  • Double-tap on the downloaded file to commence installation.
  • After that, add the printer to your Mac. For it, go to ‘System Preferences‘ in the menu.
  • Next, click the ‘Printers & Scanners’ option.
  • Hit the addition sign on the left part.
  • Choose your printer model in the following screen and hit the add button to complete the installation process.

Why does my HP printer say the driver is unavailable?

You must be facing this problem of HP printers randomly stopping in the middle of an important job. All appears to look good from the system’s end but the printer appears to be not communicating at all. You had given a command to print but nothing worked, so far, in your favor. So why is this happening?

We have compiled multiple methods to identify and effectively fix issues pertaining to the driver is unavailable on HP printer issue.

Method 1 If HP printer driver is unavailable, then reinstall your printer driver

If your HP printer driver is unavailable then chances are your drivers are corrupt. All you need to do is uninstall the existing one and reinstall the latest version, which you can get from the HP support website for free. Here we have drafted certain steps that will help you reinstall the drivers on your system in case your HP printer says driver is unavailable. Here are the steps:

  • Press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open the Device Manager on the system.
  • From the list of options select ‘Print Queue’ that has been mentioning the HP printer model.
  • Locate your HP printer model and right-click to Uninstall.
  • Download the latest version of the HP printer driver in your system and proceed to install it.
  • If you find it difficult to install the latest version of the drivers, click on the Start button and type ‘Update’ in the search box.
  • A window will appear that gives the range of options regarding the update related to Windows or device drivers.
  • Select ‘Check for updates’ from the list of options available.
  • There would be an update available for your HP printer’s driver. Once you click on that, the Windows will start the update process as you will see all the on-screen instructions running by the screen.
  • Once the process is completed, reboot your computer and try the printing task again.

Such issues can arise on any HP model. For example, if your HP envy 4520 printer driver is unavailable, you have to follow the same steps as mentioned above. But, in case, if you continue to experience the same issue, then you can try the next method.

Method 2 The Driver is Unavailable for HP Printer on Windows 10? Check for the Latest Update

The other resolution to the ‘driver is unavailable on HP printer’ issue is Windows updates that we usually skip at times. It creates bugs, mainly in the printer driver, thus making it incompatible with your operating system. When you assign any print job, it troubles your printer with the driver is unavailable HP printer on Windows 10.

Meanwhile, you can manually update your system’s operating system by following these steps:

  • Press the Window button on your keyboard. A ‘Start’ screen will appear.
  • Click on the search icon. Type ‘Update’ in the field box and hit Enter.
  • A new window pops up that contains the list of pending updates available on the system that you may have skipped.
  • Click ‘Check for update’ and it will take you to the PC settings windows.
  • Under the Windows Update section, it tells pending updates, if any.
  • Click on the update button to install the latest update.
  • Once done, restart your system to resume the printing task.

The aforementioned methods are quite effective to solve these common “HP Printer driver is unavailable windows 10” issues.